Friday, March 14, 2014

Farm & Fam

A couple weekends ago I took the kids up to Hubbard.  Mommy got to have a girls night out and the kids got some quality Nana and Papa Hendricks time.  We also made a trip out to the farm to see Uncle Brandon and Aunt Jess' new baby calves.  We got to see 2 of them and one was the runt of the bunch.  He was so cute!!  Sis got to watch Uncle Brandon give him an "earring".  She thought that was pretty neat!  We also stopped up to see Grandpa and Grandma Winter.  Parker got to eat lunch in my Great Grandma's highchair, which is still totally functional!  As you will see below, the kids were wore out and asleep right after getting out of Hubbard.  It was a fun weekend!!
Our friends, the Kamms, were in town for one of their boys' basketball tournaments, so Heath, Kade and Alexandria met the gang at Hickory Park for supper.  I stayed home with Parker since he is not restaurant friendly right now.  I think all the boys had a fun time catching up and Sis was smitten with Loie.  :)  
Sis is all registered for Preschool this fall.  Ugh...I can't believe it's that time already!  She is so excited!  We have really been working on her alphabet...writing letters and letter recognition.  It is going better.  I got her a cheap tablet so she can do learning games, which has really been helpful since it keeps her attention longer.   I also have her signed up to do Gymnastics this summer.  I have a feeling she is really going to like it since she is such a little jumper and tumbler already.  I got her a leotard to wear and now she wants to wear that all the time.  Too funny! 

Heath thought it was funny to hang his new Cowboys painting over our wedding photo.

Sis and Bud sharing some grapes.

Happi Day Bug!

Kade is 15!!!  Where has the time gone?  I first met Kade when he had just turned 7 and oh, what a cutie he was!  He has grown up so much!  He continues to have such a big heart and is so good with his little sister and brother.  Alexandria loves him to pieces and always asks where he is when he isn't with us.  His birthday was a low key celebration at home.  He got loaded up with Air Jordan athletic wear.  Happy Birthday, Kade!!  We love you!

Monday, February 24, 2014


Another blog WAY overdue!  It sure is easy to get behind on things these days with two little rascals keeping us on the go.  Parker had his 1 year well-check this month, here are his stats:  29.75 in. and 23 lbs. 5 oz.  He is on the move and is trying to talk more and more all the time.  The words that he says that I can clearly understand are: mama, dada, uh-oh, nigh nigh.  He eats EVERYTHING, sleeps great, and is my cuddle-bug.  Alexandria continues to grow like a weed...upward.  She wants to know about EVERYTHING and asks me 100 questions everyday!  It blows my mind at how quickly she catches on to things and how she doesn't let me forget anything!  She actually has become quite the helper...she loves to help me do laundry, pick up all the trash for garbage day, and unload the dishwasher.  Sis is still a girly girl, but yet rough and tough like the boys.  She LOVES to wrestle and do "cheer leading" with daddy.  We both think that she would be great at gymnastics and she has expressed interest in it...maybe later this year?!  We have started talking about her starting preschool this fall and she is SO excited!  We have also been working on letter and number recognition, which she is doing better with....depending on the day.  :)
Kade and Caitlin attended the Winter Formal at Ames High.  I got to help Caitlin do her make-up, which was fun.  They both looked very nice and had a great time.  Devon and Breanna are getting closer to welcoming Jace into the world!  We are all getting very excited.  Breanna and Jess are right on track to have these babies around the same time.  Who will be first!!??
We've also had some other birthdays...Heath turned 38 last month and Breanna also had a birthday this month.  We didn't do too much to celebrate...I made supper for everyone, then had cake and ice cream and watched Heath open up his gifts.  It just seems like we haven't really done much this whole winter, which can be blamed on this crappy weather.  I hate taking the kids out in it and not letting Alexandria play outside.  Thank goodness Spring is right around the corner!!
Alexandria and I had a mommy-daughter date a couple weeks ago.  I took her to see Disney Jr. Live at Wells Fargo.  It had all of her favorite characters off of her shows.  It was so cute!  She didn't know what to think at first...she just sat there and looked around.  Once she saw Mickey Mouse things changed.  She got all in to it, stood up and clapped along with the performers.  We had a good time!!
Well, I think that gets us caught up with the pictures here.  We have more don't give up on us...we will be back!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Parker is the BIG 1!

Our baby is 1!  I still can't believe it!  This past year has flown by.  He is growing and changing so fast.  His 1 year check-up isn't until next month, so I'll have his stats later.  He is big...that's all I know!  He eats as much as sis does at mealtime, just less snacking.  I just switched him to milk, so no more formula!  Sad but happy at the same time.  Now I just need to buy a cow!  :)  He is starting to walk, he will take 5-6 steps to get to furniture.  I have a feeling that once he has the walking down, he will start running.  He is quick!  He says mama, dadda, uh-oh, nigh nigh, ah da (all done).  He is working on blowing kisses...his new talent!  He is definitely all boy...rough and tough.  However, he is my cuddle bug and for sure a mama's boy.  He loves books, music, dancing, tickling, being chased, kisses, and his sissy.  Happy Birthday, Bubba!!!  We love you!!!  

Yay Cake!!!

The Newlyweds.

Bubba loves his new toy, here he is getting crazy.

I Love CAKE!!!!